23-24th November 2011, ZECOS Kick-off meeting

ZECOS Kick-off meeting took place on November 23-24th, 2011, at the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management, located in the Environmental Campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences in Birkenfeld, Germany.

A two day event has started with the welcome speeches of the President of the Trier University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. J. Wallmeier, followed with the Welcome from the Vice-President Prof. Dr. N. Kuhn and Managing Director of the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management Prof. Dr. P. Heck.

German national INTERREG IVB NWE representative Ms. E. Lupprian as well as INTERREG contact point in the federal state of Rhineland Palatinate Ms. P. Schelkmann have also greeted the project and have in greater detail presented the INTERREG Programme and the vast further opportunities under it.

Local political representatives – Mayor of the community of Morbach Mr. A. Hackenthal as well as Head of the District Bernkastel Wittlich Mr. G. Eibes have welcomed this transnational cooperation and have highlighted its importance to the actions at local level.

Later, an introduction about the project was followed by partner presentations. The day has ended by a guided tour through the Zero Emission Environmental Campus Birkenfeld and a get-together dinner.

On the second day, the partners were presented INTERREG rules and regulations as well as other official project related issues. Afterwards, an early start was made on Work Packages 1 and 3, where the scientific group has commenced a lengthy process of defining the boundaries, thresholds and specific methodologies of the Zero CO2e Emission Award; whereas project communities were familiarized with the possible results and implementation of Material Flow Analysis – the first structural step towards Zero CO2e Emissions within ZECOS.

Interested partners have also had the chance to visit one of ZECOS communities – Morbach, more specifically – its Energy Landscape, were a great number of state-of-the-art renewable energy technologies have since 2003 attracted over 30.000 visitors from 90 countries.

The overall event has familiarized partners with each other and the project. After a smooth start, we look forward for a fruitful cooperation as we continue on our way to Zero Emissions.