Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS)
Trier University of Applied Sciences/ Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
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Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Peter Heck
Phone.:    +49 (0) 6782 – 17 12 21
E-Mail: p.heck(at)umwelt-campus.de

Vice-Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Alfons Matheis
Phone.:    +49 (0) 6782 – 17 11 92
E-Mail: a.matheis(at)umwelt-campus.de

Authorized Representation: 
Trier University of Applied Sciences/ Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is a public body legally represented by the president of the University, Prof. Dr. Norbert Kuhn.

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DE 155 681 59

Ministery of Education, Science, Youth and Culture
Mittlere Bleiche 61
55116 Mainz

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