Fourth Consortium Meeting in Ireland

23rd-26th April 2013, Fourth Consortium Meeting in Ireland

The meeting venues were split between the University of Limerick on the west coast of Ireland and the Ballynagran Energy Plus Community in County Wicklow on the east coast. All 11 project partners attended, represented by 23 delegates. The first two meeting days were hosted in the University of Limerick by Prof Richard Moles and Dr Bernadette O’Regan. Plenary meetings focused on review of project activities to date, agreement on attributes of eligible communities and agreement on the next steps and actions. Working group meetings progressed business within individual workpackages. Consensus amongst partners facilitated a series of important project-related decisions to be agreed.

At the end of the second meeting day, delegates travelled to the Ballynagran Energy Plus Community (a rural non-municipality community) and met key members of the Community at an informal evening reception hosted in a passive standard house. A half-day study tour targeted carbon abatement projects in the Community, including businesses, public institutions and private residences. Electricity generation using gas harvested from a local landfill was inspected and a technical discussion with a landfill manager ensued. A resource efficiency officer from Northamptonshire County Council spent two days in Ballynagran Rachel Hill School, working successfully with teachers and children on sustainability issues. The photograph below shows delegates at this school. On the final day a plenary session reviewed ZECOS progress and mapped out in detail future activities.