Glinton and Peakirk, Peterborough (UK)

Peterborough is the UK’s Home of Environment Capital – a place where environmental issues are put first in a city that aspires to be role model and leader in all aspects of Sustainable Development. The City Council aims to reduce organisational carbon emissions by 12,000 tonnes (35% of 2008/09 levels) by 2014 and has therefore embarked on a number of projects focusing on rethinking and reconceptualising its approach to sustainability – alongside this the city council commit to working with the local community to reduce emissions arising from the city of Peterborough progressing ever closer towards the Zero CO2e Emission Communities aims.

Two villages, namely Peakirk and Glinton, will be the focus for Zero CO2e Emission Community demonstrations in Peterborough. These communities established a Green Group in 2009 and have since carried out a range of events to increase environmental awareness amongst their residents, including:

  • held community based events to increase awareness and provide information about sustainable initiatives;
  • undertaken SAP assessments of 65% of the houses, 80% of Glinton homes;
  • secured £7k funding to increase energy efficiency some of which has been invested in public buildings;
  • developed a programme plan to prioritise projects and delivery.

Within ZECOS, installation of a Central Management Systems and LED lighting into each community’s street lighting network will be implemented, in response to the significant impact street lighting has on Communities’ CO2e emissions, at 13%. Education and awareness campaigns will be launched and the Council will work directly and intimately with community groups in order to map out each community’s potential for carbon reduction. The education and awareness campaigns will pave the way for increased confidence in environmental decision making and use of sustainable public transportation, thereby further improving Communities’ energy efficiency performance and bringing them a significant step closer to the Zero CO2eEmission goals.

In addition to this, within the ZECOS project, Peakirk and Glinton will benefit from Peterborough’s cooperation with the European Academy of Renewable Energy (EARE), which will seek to install a number of demonstrational renewable energy technologies. The location of these technologies is yet to be agreed but ideally will be installed centrally in each village.