Morbach (DE)

Morbach is highly advanced in implementing various CO2e reducing measures. The Community has to date developed the “Morbacher Energy Landscape”, an innovative park for regenerative energies, on what was formerly the largest ammunition depot of US Air force in Europe. The following installations are already put in place here:

  • 14 wind turbines
  • photovoltaic plants(20.000 m² PV modules)
  • Biogas plant, operated exclusively with renewable raw materials supplied by 15 regional farmers
  • wood pellet production plant producing 15.000 tons/a wood pellets. Waste heat from Biogasplant is used for the wood drying process and electricity needed comes to a large extent from the wind turbines
  • wood chip power plant
  • woodhouse company whose wastes (bark, sawdust, wood residues) are energetically used on-site for the production of wood pellets

Another cogeneration plant (raw material wood) and production plant for artificial soil substrate (“Terra Preta”) are being planned. The energy landscape produces 50 million KWh electricity and saves 32,500 tons of CO2e annually.

Since 2003, over 30.000 visitors from 90 countries visited the energy landscape in guided tours – an information centre is currently under construction.

Within the ZECOS project, the Community will further advance its green investments and apart from learning from ZECOS partner communities, quantifying its overall potentials and other activities within the project, it will achieve direct CO2e reductions by developing either (1) Micro district heating grids based on renewable energies (2) Insulation of public buildings combined with innovative heating technology, or (3) Street light upgrading.

Due to the wide-ranging activities within the ZECOS project and the actions taken so far, Morbach has very good potential for the development and achievement of the goal of a Zero CO2eEmission Community.