Northamptonshire County Council

Northamptonshire County Council is one of the 3 UK partners to the ZECOS project, and it’s one of the 27 shire counties in England. Northamptonshire is located in the East Midlands Region, with an area of 2,364 square kilometres and 691,900 residents. The County is one of the fastest growing in England, particularly because of its proximity to the South East and its significantly lower operational and property costs. Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) owns and manages 650 public buildings across the county, of which more than half are schools.
The Energy and Carbon Team is an internal business at Northamptonshire County Council that provides a range of energy services to public sector partners and schools. The Team’s proactive energy and carbon management activities have brought significant achievements for Northamptonshire County Council which has become the first authority in the region to be awarded Carbon Trust Standard certification across all services for successfully measuring, managing and improving carbon efficiency across all operations.

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ZECOS Communities

The whole Northamptonshire County is the high level community within ZECOS and within this region three County Council electoral divisions have been selected as pilot communities to the project, i.e. the divisions of Long Buckby, Oundle, and Braunston and Crick.

Within these three communities the Project Team is mainly targeting schools in order to reduce their energy consumption and emissions. In particular there is a Champion School in each division which has been selected to pilot the project and become an example of good practice. These are Prince William School, Yelvertoft Primary and Brington Primary schools as shown in the figure below.

The aim is to involve as many schools as possible in the programme but also to engage the wider community across the divisions in order to achieve significant emission reduction at the community level.

In particular the practical projects contributing to CO2 reduction across the communities are:


The Schools Carbon Trading project: An annual competition with the winner being the school with the biggest reduction in carbon emissions over a 12 month period.

Resource Efficiency programmes across the County’s schools: A practical educational programme to encourage schools across the county to become more energy and water efficient and to practice zero waste behaviour.

Supporting the development of a Biomass Supply Chain across the County Starting from few biomass installations in selected schools the objective is to develop a county-wide local and sustainable biomass supply chain.


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