The ZECOS project was officially completed on 30.04.2015.

The most interesting result achieved during the lifetime of the project is the development of a greenhouse gas (GHG) management system named Zero Emission Management System (ZEMS) applicable by each kind of community in the EU, delivering a sound planning basis for reducing GHG emissions continuously and helping larger jurisdiction to comply with GHG mitigation targets set by themselves or as a result of international negotiations. The current status of ZEMS is prototypical. The consortium intends to further develop this management system in a second stage (expected November 2015) to reach commercial viability.

The transnational cooperation was crucial and necessary in the project: The boundary conditions for communities are quite different from member state to member state. Thus a NWE-wide harmonised approach could only be achieved by intensive transnational cooperation and by exchanging the national views even on topics which seem to be clear at the beginning of the project.

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