Seraing (BE)

Belgian city of Seraing is the largest ZECOS Community and is in the project represented by the Agency for economic redeployment of the seresian basin (AREBS). The 35.5 km² of the Seraing city territory is divided in three equal parts: industry, residential areas and forests. Seraing is home for 65000 people.

In 2009, Seraing municipality launched “Carbon Footprint in Seraing” – an operation created to meet the objectives of aligning cities’ development with low carbon policy, reducing ecological footprint of industries and businesses and increasing economic competitiveness and attractiveness to population and economic actors. As coordinator of the operation AREBS’ achievements so far are (1) development of relationships among participants and partners (2) quantification of baseline indicators and (3) development of mitigation plans by each participant. Based on its overall experiences, AREBS will further coordinate the vision of converting Seraing into a Zero CO2e Emission Community within the ZECOS project.



Being an industrial City, Seraing has large possibilities for CO2e reductions in the industrial sector, as well as due to its vast activities up till now in reducing CO2e emissions in the public sector, large overall effects would also be evident by further actions in working with the public administration. Therefore, within the ZECOS project, AREBS will implement:

(1) A mobility project starting with the city administration:

  • Purchase of electric cars and bikes
  • Implementation of a web platform to combine these electric vehicles with the existing public transport network
  • Over time, the system will be made available to the citizens of Seraing

(2) Zero CO2e Emission Concept for the employees of a newly built public building gathering all municipality services. The edifice is by itself the biggest public passive building in Walloon Region.

(3) Local actions with the citizens coordinated with the Seraing city authorities.