Eight ZECOS communities have started their way to Zero CO2e Emissions. Following the same methodology in analyzing and activating local potentials, communities in each country will additionally develop different CO2e reducing projects and learn from each other’s experiences. The main steps on the way to Zero CO2e Emissions taking place in each Community are:

  • Appointment of local Zero CO2e Emission Manager
  • Implementation of local Material Flow Analyses (investigation of full local energy efficiency and renewable energy potentials) and development of CO2e balances
  • Streamlining MFA results into concrete Masterplans · Analysis of the best-practice financial models accelerating the implementation of the Masterplans‘ measures
  • Creation of Business plans for the most promising project(s) identified in the abovementioned Masterplans · Implementation of Local Coaching Programmes
  • Creation of Local Stakeholder networks supporting the implementation of the Masterplans’ measures
  • Development of local Projects directly reducing CO2e Emissions already within the project lifetime. For more information on these projects in each ZECOS Community, see:

Morbach (DE)

Ballynagran (IE)

Seraing (BE)

Glinton and Peakirk, Peterborough (UK)

Oundle, Long Buckby and Braunston and Crick Northamptonshire County (UK)