ZECOS – Development and Introduction of the Communal Zero CO2e Emission Certification System as a Tool for Sustainable Communities and Regions is a unique project aiming at standardizing the term of Zero CO2e Emission and creating a transnational Award System for initially – communities across the North Western Europe (NWE). A well-built consortium of academic, public and private partners aims at establishing a system activating the creation of Zero CO2e Emission Communities and officially acknowledging them. Award’s ambition is to systematically encourage and lead communities towards realising full renewable energy and energy efficiency potentials and towards continuously implementing cross-sector masterplans reinforced by green business financing and carbon revenue models.

Eight NW European Communities are implementing preliminary steps of the Awarding system already during the Project lifetime. ZECOS model communities are thoroughly collecting data and identifying complete local renewable energy and energy efficiency potential by applying the methodology of Material Flow Analysis (MFA). MFA will be followed up by streamlining identified potentials into concrete masterplans supported with stakeholder networks, coaching programmes and business plans. Each community also takes actions towards direct CO2e reductions by implementing tailor-made local projects.

The Project will:

  • Develop an awarding methodology and test it in four North-West European countries
  • Bring ZECOS communities a significant step closer to CO2e Emissions
  • Advise policy making at local, national and EU levels.